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JOUR 3280 Syllabus and Calendar

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A Culture of Honesty All members of the academic community are responsible for knowing this policy. Syllabus Spring 2019 Required …

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This is not a course for beginners! Students taking this course should have already developed basic skills in news reporting, videography, writing and video editing. The focusScott Weiland & Wildabouts BLASTER Licensed Adult Sweatshirt HoodieStar Trek Original Series ALL STAR CREW Licensed Sweatshirt HoodieGreen Lantern INDIGO GLOW Licensed Adult Sweatshirt HoodieFlash Gordon Comic FLASH CIRCLE Licensed Adult Sweatshirt Hoodie of this course is on developing advanced skills in both news reporting and video storytelling. A Culture of Honesty … Continue reading
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JOUR 3280 Required Equipment


All students taking JOUR 3280 are required to provide their own video camera. There are two options. Option 1. A video camcorder that records HD video and has microphone and headphone inputs. There are lots of options, starting around $200 (some refurbished models are as cheap as $130). Look … Continue reading

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JOUR 5280 Equipment


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Students in JOUR 5280 will have access to professional camcorders and accessories from the FESR. This includes: JVC GY-HM200 4K camcorders with dual XLR audio inputs RODELink Filmmaker Wireless mics Manfrotto tripods LED light kits and small LED lights for mounting on camera Action … Continue reading

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Camera Checklist

Californication TV Show CALI TYPE Big Logo Licensed Adult Sweatshirt Hoodie I firmly believe in following checklists when performing complex tasks under pressure and when working under tight deadlines. Pilots follow safety checklists before take off, and surgeons use checklists in the operating room. There's no reason why shouldn't use them, too. So here's a short … Continue reading

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The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from the Linux Foundation, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world­wide basis.

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